Content marketing refers to long-lasting strategies developed by a brand or company to create a strong bond with its customers by coherently providing them precious & relevant content.

Picture this, why would a customer decide to buy from you and abandon your competitors?

Well, it’s all about loyalty to your brand. Their loyalty deserves a reward. The reward fosters a long-lasting relationship between you and your clients for the foreseeable future.

The best reward to offer your audience is quality and relevant content that provides solutions to their problems rather than just going after the dollar in their wallets. …

Many people consider email marketing campaigns dead ever since social media, virtual intelligence, and social bots came to light. But, unfortunately, that’s far from the truth.

Envisage this. For every $1 spent on email marketing, you expect an ROI of $42. Oooh yes! That’s true, and there is room to earn even more. Consider this as exclusive proof that email marketing is worth every dime.

Marketers will tirelessly flood your inbox with numerous marketing emails to turn your attention towards their direction.

But why won’t they give up?

They understand that a well executed email marketing campaign can trigger the…

What is VoIP?

Rather than loading your telephone line with airtime to make a voice or video call, you do it directly over the internet. In that case, you are eliminating the phone company and replacing it with the internet. Simply put, that’s what VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is all about.

With the development of high-speed internet access (broadband), body corporates and private homes are rapidly embracing VoIP. VoIP poses a serious threat to the traditional telephony companies in the telecommunication business because of its superior features and yes, its unbelievably cheaper 😃. …

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Unified communications as a service aims to converge business communications technologies in one central place to ease access.

‘As a service’ refers to a business model where businesses access different centralized communication technology services through cloud technology. The service provider, in turn, invests in infrastructure (cloud) and maintains it while the clients enjoy tailored access to services offered without owning them.

With the current robust digital transformation, businesses embrace new technologies to maintain their competitiveness and relevancy in this dynamic business environment.

The entry of cloud-based computing and data processing technology has dramatically affected the ownership of communication systems.

What is Unified Communication (UC) and Unified Communication as a Service (UCaaS)?


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Call forwarding and Softphone collaborate to guarantee unanswered inbound calls from clients are redirected and adequately addressed to the customer’s satisfaction.

Did you know that a single negative review from an unsatisfied customer can land a fatal blow to a business that has taken ages to nurture?

To circumvent such a scenario, why not try diverting clients’ calls or working remotely to make sure customers are handled promptly and decently.

In this era where infectious diseases are cropping up anyhow, most employees work from home thanks to unified communications. …

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The entry of broadband has resulted in many businesses shunning voicemail as part of their telephony services.

In many instances, it has occasioned counter-productivity since most employees choose to avoid returning calls or simply forwarding them to the customer care desk.

But voicemail is not obsolete. It still offers an impressive customer experience by guaranteeing that no customer calls go unanswered and consequently no sale is lost.

It goes without saying; both the sender and receiver of a voicemail service must excise professionalism while dealing with voicemail service.

The sender must ensure that the message sent…

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So, what’s a social media strategy? Is it a hard nut to crack? Worry not; you are not alone. However, as an investor or a marketer, you will be doing yourself a great disservice if social media doesn’t appear in the list of tools you intend to utilize to scale up your brand.

Simply put, a Social media strategy is a road map of activities you plan to implement on social media to accomplish specific organizational or personal goals. Such a strategy should be precise, attainable, and measurable. It’s only possible if you understand:

  • Your purpose/goals;
  • Your intended audience;
  • The…

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Source: Youtube

YouTube flows in us, and you can’t avoid it. According to Kinsta YouTube tops as the largest video sharing platform on internet. You will appreciate a soothing song or an interesting video to loosen up a bit on a day where you have been pretty occupied, hustling and bustling.

Though YouTube offers a source of entertainment and learning, close to 50% of marketers consider it a necessary marketing tool in content marketing. Over 2 billion people log onto YouTube every month. Videos uploaded herein help 68% of its users make an informed purchasing decision. …

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